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How Ankorstore improved its operational efficiency by reducing its contact rate by 10% with Mayday

Today, Mayday has become our knowledge base, both internally (for our agents) and externally (for our customers). It has become the brain where we have stored all our knowledge.

Portrait of Yannick Voit
Yannick Voit
CX Strategy and Operation Manager
Contact rate reduction


Founded in 2019, Ankorstore is a French platform that connects brands and independent retailers across Europe. It has 350,000 merchants, 30,000 brands, in 27 European countries, covering 6 categories. Its customer service focuses on solving problems in receiving, finance, payments, and account management, helping merchants and suppliers manage their orders efficiently.

For the B2B marketplace, mastering business knowledge has always been a fundamental pillar of the company. It plays two key roles: 

  • Provide customers with the basic information they need to know,
  • Support agents in resolving the most complex issues.

Indeed, in an industry like Ankorstore's, where repeat purchases (loyalty) are at the heart of the business model, customer service is of crucial importance.

However, just over a year ago, Ankorstore was facing a challenge common to fast-growing companies: dispersed information management. Each team was responsible for its own content, with no central governance to unify efforts. This configuration made updates complex and sometimes resulted in out-of-date data, compromising access to information.

Against this backdrop, the marketplace was faced with a necessary transformation, aimed at guaranteeing the efficiency and reliability of its information management processes.

What's more, as Yannick Voit, CX Operation and Strategy Manager at Ankorstore, points out, in a fast-growing startup where everything evolves rapidly, it' s essential to provide your teams with full access to knowledge, including processes to be adopted, new functionalities, etc. This is the only way to ensure that you're always up to speed.

Ankorstore's knowledge management challenges before adopting Mayday 

Before opting for Mayday, Ankorstore faced a number of challenges in managing its knowledge. Specifically:

  • Lack of central governance between departments,
  • Difficulty of maintaining two sources of knowledge in five different languages,
  • Inability to gather feedback within the tool,
  • Heavy reliance on developers for the FAQ component of their CRM tool, and a lack of flexibility in the user experience (UX).

In response to these issues, the customer relations team set out to find a suitable solution, and Mayday stood out for its ease of use, requiring no special technical skills. This type of "no code" solution offers greater independence and flexibility in the short term, but especially in the long term, should the project team need to evolve. What's more, the attentiveness and support of the Mayday team reinforced the decision in favor of this knowledge base. Mayday was able to be competitive and propose an adapted offer.

"Today, Mayday is the partner we have chosen to accompany us in this exploration of knowledge transformation for customers and employees!" says Yannick Voit, CX Operation and Strategy Manager.

The B2B platform has integrated Mayday's internal knowledge base tool, as well as Mayday Selfcare, to create and manage a personalized, intelligent FAQ.

Their vision of the FAQ is based on its ability to offer customers a clear and accessible answer, thanks to a well-defined structure and constantly updated articles, with the aim of effectively reducing the number of potential contacts.

Rapid implementation of a knowledge base: a project completed in three months

Internal knowledge migration was completed in one month, followed by external knowledge migration in five languages in a further two months. Overall, this adoption process was completed in three months, giving advisors rapid access to all the necessary knowledge. The volume of knowledge breaks down as follows: 434 in the internal base and 214 in the external base.

The integration of the tool within the B2B platform was initiated by a team of two Ankorstore employees dedicated to the project - Yannick Voit, CX Operation and Strategy Manager, and a Contact Experience Associate - and several in-house training sessions were organized to ensure that the advisors were fully autonomous on the knowledge base.

A Mayday Customer Success Manager also supported them throughout the migration period, and continues to work with them today to optimize their knowledge management.

"If I had to sum up our relationship with Mayday in three words, they would be : collaboration, responsiveness and empathyYannick Voit. 

Increased customer autonomy and lower contact rates thanks to Mayday Selfcare

In all customer services, measuring productivity is essential for assessing operational efficiency. For Ankorstore, a significant reduction in escalations since the introduction of Mayday is a direct reflection of this increased productivity.

Since creating their FAQ via Mayday Selfcare, Ankorstore has seen a significant 10% drop in the contact rate, demonstrating greater customer autonomy.

Internally, the whole team has tamed Mayday as a source of truth. Every month, agents deliver between 20 and 30 qualitative feedbacks , helping them to update their FAQs. As Yannick Voit rightly points out, "agent satisfaction is the main driver of productivity".

He adds: "Assessing the impact on customer satisfaction and experience (CSAT, NPS) as well as on the employee experience is complex, but all the indicators are positive, and it's undeniable that Mayday plays a major role in the service's excellent results."

With the implementation of this knowledge management project, the company was able to introduce a new KPI which is now measured during weekly meetings with management: the deflection. This indicator represents the number of sessions on the platform that do not generate tickets. In other words, it's the number of sessions where users access the platform without actually opening a ticket.

Finally, the marketplace's Customer experience team also examines agents' use of participation rules, i.e. which articles agents consult the most. They use this information to determine which articles are the most relevant and which receive the least attention, and this is what they call the Negative Satisfaction Receipt Rate. This indicator helps them to continually improve their knowledge base articles.

In short, two elements stand out: 

  • For customer FAQs, it's the contact rate,
  • In the case of the internal knowledge base, on the other hand, it's use that has the greatest impact on productivity.

And tomorrow?

"My favorite thing about Mayday is the feedback system that allows us to continuously improve the tool, but we're now expecting a lot from Mayday on generative AI, and we're convinced they won't disappoint!" says Yannick Voit. 

In fact, Mayday AI represents a suite of artificial intelligence functionalities specifically designed to improve the daily lives of advisors and transform the customer experience of the companies that place their trust in us. 

If, like Yannick Voit, you are a customer relations professional and :

  • Your customer service is in hyper growth
  • You need to structure your knowledge
  • You aspire to provide your teams with all the business knowledge they need

Schedule a demonstration of our tool with our expert team today!

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