Decision tree tool

Share business knowledge in an innovative and interactive format

decision tree tool
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With our user-friendly decision tree creation tool, your team can effortlessly guide customers through problem-solving, step by step.

decision tree tool


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The ultimate Knowledge Base Software

tested and approuved by over 30,000 customer specialists

Streamlined solutions for seamless customer relations

Unlock the power of up-to-date knowledge, intelligently distributed through your omnichannel Knowledge Base Software.


Interactive decision trees

Guaranteed ergonomics and speed of navigation to enable each advisor to resolve any type of request, whatever the complexity or seniority of the advisor.


Many use cases

Decision-making support, resolution tutorials, speech scripts, operational guides, sales assistance and trigger actions within contact tools. Mayday's decision tree creation tool offers endless possibilities to assist your team in any complex situation.



Deep dive into your decision trees and identify the processes that present the most significant challenges for your team members. Work together with them to schedule a refresher session if needed!

Mayday - at your service

Our dedicated knowledge managers will help you customize your knowledge base.

The numbers speak for themselves

Using the Mayday Knowledge Base Software, our clients typically experience:

24% faster ticket resolution

Customer support agents have instant access to relevant knowledge.

48% reduction in training time

Onboard new customer support agents in half the time.

18% CSAT improvement

Improve your first contact resolution rate and boost customer satisfaction.

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Mayday’s decision trees enable less experienced customer reps to easily solve more complex cases.

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Damien Nuyttens
Director of Customer Experience and Operations
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