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Internal knowledge base

Centralize knowledge to make it easily accessible to your agents in their work tools.

Public knowledge base

Put knowledge at your customers' disposal to help them solve simple issues on their own.

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tested and approuved by over 30,000 customer specialists

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Whether you use the internal or external knowledge base, whether you are 1 or 5,000, you will always have access to these features.

Advanced knowledge editor
2 knowledge formats
AI-enhanced express search engine
Knowledge life cycle management
Library of customizable content
User feedback and satisfaction
Content and user analysis dashboard
Multilingual knowledge base management
Knowledge continuous improvement
Customizable visual interfaces
Granular management of roles and groups
Importers of existing knowledge

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Internal knowledge base

Augmented portal for accessing knowledge
Customizable access portal
Integration with customer service tools
Intelligent content suggestions
Automation and actions triggers in production tools
AI-enhanced search engine
Real-time collaboration between administrators and employees
Favorite contents management
Retail / E-commerce : automatic connection to the product catalog (PIM)

Public knowledge base

FAQ instant creation
100% custom branding
Custom navigation paths
Self-resolution tutorials
Third-party tools integrations
Advanced SEO
100% responsive
Visitor satisfaction and feedback
Custom metadata
Frequently viewed or pinned content shortcuts
Related or similar content suggestions
Contact form / CRM connection
Integrated knowledge capsule on other portals than your FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Mayday security and compliance standards ?

Security and compliance are strong focuses for Mayday. Your knowledge is valuable and must be managed with care. We adhere to the highest security standards, all data is encrypted and we are currently in the process of obtaining ISO27001 certifications. In terms of compliance, Mayday does not manage any personal data, only business data (your procedures). However, our data centers hosted in Microsoft Azure are based in France. We also have data back-ups, also located in France.

How long does it take to implement an internal knowledge base ?

It all depends on how much knowledge you have, in what format and where it resides. We would be happy to schedule a quick discovery exchange so that we can study your knowledge and provide you with a personalized response. For your information, the creation of the Fnac Darty knowledge base (500,000 procedures for 5,000 people) took about 2.5 months.

Can I integrate custom branding ?

Absolutely ! Mayday allows you to customize the appearance of your knowledge base to make it more UX friendly for your teams and consistent with your brand. In the case of a public knowledge base (FAQ), it is fully customizable: logo, colors, fonts, covers, angles, structure, etc. You can even add custom code!

How do I pay for my subscription ?

Several payment options are available: credit card or direct debit. For corporate customers, it is also possible to pay by bank transfer.

How is the transfer of our old knowledge management tools to Mayday working ?

Mayday offers different support options: either you integrate on your own, either we can support you, either we can take care of the entire transfer for you. The transfer is generally done in a semi-automatic way via Mayday importers and the work of our team of Knowledge Managers. We support you and share with you the best practices in Knowledge Management. This is the ideal moment to optimize your knowledge base.

Is the stored knowledge charged according to its content volume ?

No, with Mayday everything is unlimited: number of contents, storage volume or consultation.

This has no impact on the license price.