Mayday for tourism and mobility

Simplified knowledge management for the tourism and mobility sectors

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Making knowledge accessible means giving your agents the means to respond as quickly as possible to users and customers who are increasingly demanding in terms of responsiveness of your customer service.

knowledge base tourism mobility

We noted a clear enthusiasm from our customer support agents for Mayday, that we haven't noted for other tools, mainly because of its ease of use.

Amandine Fournier
Process manager

The right knowledge at the right time in the right place for your users and customers

Centralize and deliver knowledge to your customer support agents in all their contact tools to boost their productivity

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Gain 24% productivity on resolution

Thanks to centralized content, powerful search engine and automatic suggestions, your customer support agents can quickly find the right knowledge and spend less time looking for information.

Deliver knowledge where users need it

CRM, Ticketing, Chatbot... Mayday delivers knowledge in the contact tools of your customer support agents.

Ensure a good brand image

Your messages are consistent across all customer communication channels and you receive the information right away when an update is needed.

The best omnichannel knowledge base

tested and adopted by over 30,000 agents

Real solutions for real customer relationship challenges

Benefit from up-to-date knowledge distributed in an omnichannel and intelligent way in your knowledge base software.


Decision tree

Cancel a reservation, make a complaint, get information on services... Guide your agents step by step to solve their customers' complex issues.


Help Center

Customers and users can solve simple issues on their own thanks to the Mayday FAQ: a time-saver for them and you alike !



New health regulations ? A large influx to be expected ? Notify your teams of changes in procedures that could impact their interactions and follow how your message is delivered in real time.

Dedicated knowledge managers at your service

Our knowledge management experts will walk you through the structuring and optimizing of your knowledge base.

Need numbers ?

Our customers in the tourism and mobility sector observe on average :

24% productivity gain on ticket resolution

Don't let your customer support agents waste time looking for the right knowledge.

48% training time decrease

Get new customer support agents up and running 2x as fast.

18% CSAT improvement

Improve your first contact resolution rate and customer satisfaction.

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