Training software for customer advisors

Facilitate access to knowledge to optimize agents onboarding and remote working

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The best omnichannel knowledge base

tested and adopted by over 30,000 agents

Real solutions for real customer relationship challenges

Benefit from up-to-date knowledge distributed in an omnichannel and intelligent way in your knowledge base software.


Smart cheat sheet

Favorites, suggestions, AI augmented search... Mayday offers instant access to knowledge to all your customer support agents.


Continuous training

Onboarding is no longer a source of stress for your teams. Your customer support agents rely on their internal knowledge base to answer customer questions and find an answer quickly, without knowing the processes by heart.


Ramp-up monitoring

Closely follow the skill development of your teams with Mayday dashboards. Get a synthetic view of the use of each employee at any time as well as the most or least consulted contents and feedback.

Dedicated knowledge managers at your service

Our knowledge management experts will walk you through the structuring and optimizing of your knowledge base.

Need numbers ?

24% productivity gain on ticket resolution

Don't let your customer support agents waste time looking for the right knowledge.

48% training time decrease

Get new customer support agents up and running 2x as fast.

18% CSAT improvement

Improve your first contact resolution rate and customer satisfaction.

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The first reflex is to ask your neighbor... who is also new! Consequence? Wasted time and stress. Now, customer reps use Mayday and quickly quickly the answer.

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