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Our mission

Empowering organizations with the power of knowledge

At Mayday, we firmly believe that knowledge is the bedrock of success. In business and in life, informed decisions and empowered actions are driven by the expertise and insights gained through knowledge. Our aim is to equip companies and individuals with the tools they need to accomplish their goals. We are committed to fostering collective wisdom that guides, liberates, and propels progress.

Our mission is to help businesses harness the full potential of their knowledge. Through our intuitive platform, we facilitate the centralization, sharing, and management of information, transforming knowledge into a valuable, actionable asset.

Elevating customer experience through personalized service

Customer relationships are the heart of any successful business, built on trust and commitment throughout every interaction. We understand that customer service is both an art and a science, especially in the digital age where various channels add complexity to the equation.

At Mayday, we strive to revolutionize customer service for the better. Our platform ensures that knowledge is readily available at all times, empowering agents to provide personalized and efficient service that delivers exceptional experiences. By making knowledge accessible anytime, anywhere, we enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Our values


We draw inspiration from the best, fostering creativity and collaboration among teams. Embracing a culture of feedback, we continuously strive for improvement.

Building Excellence


We are true entrepreneurs, constantly pushing boundaries and never settling for mediocrity. Our dedication to excellence drives us to be the ultimate knowledge management platform.

Unwavering Ambition


Taking care of our people is paramount. We celebrate success as a united team, seizing every opportunity to come together and support one another.

Embracing Collaboration


Our clients are our priority, and their satisfaction guides our every move. Engaging with them daily, we measure our success through their perspective.

Delighting our Customers

The Mayday Team

Your Knowledge Management allies - committed, talented, and passionate!

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The founders

Portrait of Damien Popote

Damien Popote

CEO & Co-founder
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Portrait of Hugo Martinez

Hugo Martinez

CTO & Co-founder
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Portrait of Benjamin Karila

Benjamin Karila

CPO & Co-founder
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Our Story

Mayday: Revolutionizing customer relationships for efficiency and empathy.

At Mayday, we've pioneered an intelligent Knowledge Base Software that empowers customer service teams. Our mission is clear: eliminate long wait times and incorrect answers, making knowledge instantly accessible for agents and customers alike.

In an untapped, multi-sector market, Mayday has already earned the trust of leading enterprise and scale-up clients such as Fnac-Darty, BNP, La Poste, Rakuten, Doctolib, Qonto, Vestiaire Collective, and more. With $3 million raised in initial funding, our passionate team is rapidly expanding to realize our ambitious vision. Join us on this incredible journey!

Creation of Mayday

January 2020

Launch of Mayday as a product

May 2020

Seed fundraising of 2.5 million euros

June 2021

5,000 Mayday users

December 2021

30,000 Mayday users and a team of 25 talents

December 2022

Envision the impact you could make by our side.

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