Mayday for telecoms

Simplified knowledge management for telecom operators

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Give your customer support agents a high standard experience in terms of knowledge accessibility and build customer loyalty by differentiating yourself through responsive customer service.

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The right knowledge at the right time in the right place for your telecom agents

Quickly train new recruits and increase your customer service performance tenfold.

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Improve your average handle time (AHT)

By finding the right information faster, you can respond to the customer in a timely manner. And you reduce the reopen rate !

Limit team turnover

Simplify your team's work environment by eliminating the need to switch from one tool to another.

Reduce incoming tickets by 40%.

Clients are autonomous in their search for solutions and only need to call your customer support agents if they face a complex issue.

The ultimate Knowledge Base Software

tested and approuved by over 30,000 customer specialists

Streamlined solutions for seamless customer relations

Unlock the power of up-to-date knowledge, intelligently distributed through your omnichannel Knowledge Base Software.


Decision tree

Mobile configuration, blocked SIM card, claim... Guide your agents step by step to solve their customers' complex problems.


Intuitive interface

Mayday adapts itself to the uses of your knowledge base, whether it is used by your customer support agents via their contact tools, or by salespeople and technicians in the field via a tablet.


Help Center

A simple question ? An overwhelmed contact center ? Customers can solve their problems by themselves thanks to the Mayday public knowledge base: a time-saver for them and you alike !

Mayday - at your service

Our dedicated knowledge managers will help you customize your knowledge base.

The numbers speak for themselves

Our customers in the telecom sector observe on average :

24% faster ticket resolution

Customer support agents have instant access to relevant knowledge.

48% reduction in training time

Onboard new customer support agents in half the time.

18% CSAT improvement

Improve your first contact resolution rate and boost customer satisfaction.

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