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How does Doctolib accelerate the onboarding of its consultants?

It's as easy as that : you have a question, you go to Mayday.

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Cédric Blum
Customer Care Director
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An innovative unicorn, a pioneer in e-health

Founded in 2013, Doctolib aims to innovate to improve the daily lives of healthcare professionals and the health of all, thanks to an accessible, easy-to-use appointment scheduling platform that protects users' health data and privacy.

To achieve its goal, Doctolib has assembled a team of 2,700 employees, with a human-centered approach and an entrepreneurial mindset. As the French leader in e-health,Doctolib has been beating records for popularity since the pandemic. Its platform has been taken by storm by the general public since the start of the vaccination campaign and thousands of doctors have flocked to its teleconsultation service to ensure continuity of care. With offices in France, Germany and Italy, the start-up is experiencing unprecedented growth.

Client advisors: a skills upgrade that was taking time

Doctolib has just over 300 customer advisors, spread over 5 geographical sites. The customer service department manages around 30,000 contacts per month, mainly by telephone or e-mail. Calls can take a long time to be processed because the advisors have to adapt to a wide variety of situations, more or less complex depending on the customer. Indeed, appointments are not organized in the same way depending on whether the client is a cardiologist or a nurse, for example. This difficulty meant that it took three to four months forcustomer advisors to become proficient.

Although Doctolib has innovated a lot in terms of contact tools to allow users to access its platform, regardless of the channel, the start-up was lagging behind in terms of knowledge management and accessibility for customer advisors.  

Scattered and difficult to access knowledge

The information was scattered through Excel tables, shared drives, Powerpoint documents or decision trees.

A Google Sheet table served as the central database, with tabs indicating on which media the various documents needed were located. As you can imagine, this process was tedious and time consuming. The knowledge, in addition to being heterogeneous in terms of formats, was also sometimes inconsistent or obsolete, with teams preferring to copy information onto a digital or handwritten note to keep it handy.

The process of accessing the content was so complex that it took up two full days of a three-week client advisor training course.

To make their daily lives easier and offer them more comfort in their work, Doctolib was looking for a unique tool that would offer a very good user experience, allow them to quickly find the right information, and be easy to maintain over time.  

Mayday: the right knowledge, at the right time, in the right place

In May 2022, Doctolib decided to implement Mayday's knowledge base platform within its customer service department. 

Initially, Mayday's teams recovered all of Doctolib's knowledge. These were harmonized and synthesized to make them more ergonomic and centralized. Interactive and easy to consume, the formats are now of two kinds: articles (summary sheets on a subject) and diagnoses (interactive decision trees that help the advisor solve a complex problem in a few seconds).

The Mayday platform integrates into the workspace of Doctolib advisors regardless of the contact tools they use (Ticketing, CRM, Telephone or chat). The customer advisor no longer needs to leave his workspace. All they have to do is type a subject into the search engine bar to receive an instant response, regardless of the volume of requests in progress within the customer service department. A real paradigm shift, knowledge now comes to the advisor where he or she needs it.

A notification feature alerts the consultant in real time of changes in the knowledge base or of any operational events that could impact their speech. 

A lightning deployment

The deployment was extremely rapid, taking place over a month and a half.

"It was a rollout that was not only very quick but also very effective. The great thing is that we have never gone back on it because the adjustments we make are always made at the margin."
Cédric Blum, Customer Relations Director at Doctolib.

It started with a week of knowledge audit and familiarization with the different procedures of Doctolib's customer relationship. During this stage, Mayday's Knowledge Management teams took ownership of Doctolib's knowledge. It was the opportunity to flatten and simplify the processes before integrating them into the knowledge base.

"It is a very rewarding work on which Mayday had a lot of added value, given their knowledge of the tool, but also because of their external vision. Mayday played a very important role in supporting us. The solution was deployed on internal or external sites, literally overnight. We've been using it for just under a year and all the consultants are very happy."
‍Cédric Blum.

The next step, which lasted one month, consisted of creating the knowledge base. Finally, the last week was dedicated to the deployment of the solution and the training of trainers, knowledge base administrators and consultants.

"The Mayday tool really helps to put the finger on all the pain points related to customer service. We take into account the entire knowledge lifecycle and rework each step, from finding information to making it available, to make it accessible to the customer advisor at the right time, in the right place, and in the right format."
Popote, President and Co-Founder of Mayday.

More serene and efficient consultants

A little less than a year after the implementation of the Mayday solution, the benefits are already numerous.

Today, 300 to 400 people use Mayday daily at Doctolib.

The two-day content training for new client advisors has been eliminated, and the time required to upgrade skills has been significantly reduced, resulting in a significant financial gain.

In addition, the scores on the satisfaction questionnaires given to the consultants after the first month of training are much higher than before. With the right tools, they work more efficiently, more comfortably and are more satisfied.

The time previously dedicated to the search for knowledge is thus remobilized to better listen to the customer and provide a quality response: a more human interaction that delights both the customer and the consultant.

The next step: sharing knowledge with customers

While customer satisfaction during an interaction is paramount, Cédric Blum qualifies. "Ideally, the customer should not even have to contact us. One solution is to offer a public knowledge base through which customers can solve even the simplest problems themselves.

Mayday recently announced the launch of Mayday Selfcare, an augmented FAQ connected to the internal knowledge base. To be continued...

If, like Cédric Blum of Doctolib, you are a customer relations professional and :

  • Your customer service is in hyper growth
  • Content access training takes more than half a day
  • Your knowledge is scattered

Have you considered adopting a knowledge base?
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