All the features to unlock the power of knowledge

Create your interactive content. Manage the lifecycle of your knowledge. Track the activity of your agents and customers. Alert them when you have updates. All this from a single platform, you guessed it : Mayday !

Control your knowledge base at a glance

UI of a dashboard

Manage your knowledge base performance

Follow and analyze in real time on your dashboard the searches performed, the content performance, the agent activities, to take better decisions.

Notification bell

Make sure you offer the best answers to the customer

Send real-time notifications to your agents and track their open rates to ensure information is delivered. Set automated obsolescence alerts to ensure fresh content in your knowledge base.

Manage access to your knowledge base

Administrator, editor, consultant... Define roles and permissions in a granular way to regulate the access perimeters to the knowledge base.

Import your historical knowledge

Drive, Sharepoint, Wiki, intranet... Centralize easily your existing contents in your Mayday database thanks to our automated import.

Easily structure your knowledge

Create content in simple, user-friendly formats. Summary articles or didactic decision trees, all organized in easy-to-access collections.

Deliver knowledge to your agents and clients

Scatter diagram

Deliver knowledge in the agents' workspace

Mayday integrates with most of your ticketing or CRM tools so that customer agents do not have to leave their work environment.

Dialogue bubbles coming out of a megaphone

Collect feedback

Use a kanban table to monitor feedback from agents and customers on your content. You can easily detect incomplete or missing processes thanks to their feedback.

Facilitate the search for knowledge

Taking into account typos, automatic suggestions, memorization of frequent requests... The dynamic search engine, enhanced by AI, offers a unique search experience to your teams.

Solve complex problems

Structure your processes using diagnostics. These decision trees help agents think through the best possible response to the customer.

Offer a relevant solution to the problem

Depending on the complexity of the problem, the customer can either ask the advisor who will query his internal database, either find the answer in the FAQ, content capsules or through integrated tools, such as chatbots.

More than a product, a service

Experienced knowledges managers dedicated to your success.


The team defines your goals with you and the implementation plan for your database, conducts training sessions for administrators and helps you import your content.

Customer Success

Monthly reviews, internal surveys, custom roadmap... Your project is monitored by our knowledge managers, who make sure you reach your goals!

Help Center

You benefit from technical support on the solution as well as more than 75 articles in our FAQ to answer your questions and to help you to improve your skills.