Mayday for banks

Simplified knowledge management for financial services companies

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Centralize your knowledge and deliver it to your customer support agents to better serve your end customer.

For the customer support team to be responsive, the knowledge base must be accessible and up to date. That's where Mayday comes in !

Diane Ndeke
Knowledge Operations Manager

The right knowledge at the right time in the right place in your bank

Quickly train your new recruits and increase your customer service performance tenfold

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Gain 24% productivity on resolution

Thanks to centralized content, powerful search engine and automatic suggestions, your customer support agents can quickly find the right knowledge and spend less time looking for information.

Deliver knowledge where users need it

CRM, Ticketing, Chatbot... Mayday delivers knowledge in the contact tools of your customer support agents.

Reduce training time by 48%

Your customer support agents no longer ask their neighbor for the answer but consult their intelligent knowledge base, directly from their contact tools.

The ultimate Knowledge Base Software

tested and approuved by over 30,000 customer specialists

Streamlined solutions for seamless customer relations

Unlock the power of up-to-date knowledge, intelligently distributed through your omnichannel Knowledge Base Software.


Decision trees

Stolen bank card, opening of a bank account, information on card limits... Guide your customer support agents step by step to solve their clients' complex issues.



Content has been updated ? Share the information in real time with your customer support agents and track the read rate of your notification.


Obsolescence management

Standards and processes are evolving rapidly in the banking industry. Set verification dates to receive automated alerts and update knowledge for your customer support agents.

Mayday - at your service

Our dedicated knowledge managers will help you customize your knowledge base.

The numbers speak for themselves

Our banking clients observe on average :

24% faster ticket resolution

Customer support agents have instant access to relevant knowledge.

48% reduction in training time

Onboard new customer support agents in half the time.

18% CSAT improvement

Improve your first contact resolution rate and boost customer satisfaction.

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The implementation of Mayday knowledge base is one of the most effective projects I have ever seen implemented. And the result is totally up to our requirements ! I recommend and have already recommended ! 

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Anne-Laure Dorize
Training and Quality Manager
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