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Mayday allows, thanks to its Google Chrome extension, to have on the same screen the conversation with the customer and the knowledge base.

Portrait of Diane Ndeke
Diane Ndeke
Knowledge Operations Manager
Qonto - Mayday
Adoption rate :

100% in France, Spain, Germany and Italy

Qonto, the leader in financial management for businesses and the self-employed 

Qonto is an online payment institution whose mission is to boost and simplify financial management for the self-employed and SMEs.

It offers its customers a financial solution that enables professionals to manage all their finances in one place and automate repetitive tasks: professional account and management services for billing, expense management, accounting and reporting.

This allows them to focus on what really matters: their business. 

Qonto aims to be " customer-first ", and is above all concerned with solving the problems its customers encounter, with a view to continuously improving its offering. Its NPS (Net Promoter Score) of 75 proves that users are satisfied with its comprehensive offering, responsive customer service and clear, transparent pricing.

Qonto is included in the Next40 index of France's 40 most promising start-ups and scale-ups. It employs over 1,400 talents in Paris, Berlin, Milan, Barcelona and Belgrade.

While customer satisfaction is now at an all-time high, Qonto's strong growth in France and abroad brings new challenges.

  • How can we maintain this level of satisfaction?
  • How do you ensure that knowledge is available to all employees in the language of their market
  • How can we ensure smooth, efficient communication between teams to avoid discrepancies between the content available for different markets?

A growing need to centralize and manage knowledge

For an advisor, a poor knowledge base (inaccessible, incomplete, unstructured) leads to a lack of product knowledge. 

This lack of product knowledge leads to the communication of the wrong information, which in turn generates dissatisfaction on the customer's side. For a customer-oriented company, this is the worst situation! Well-organized knowledge, both in terms of content and form, is therefore of paramount importance, since it is thanks to this knowledge that Qonto can provide its customers with THE right answer. 

As part of its rapid growth, Qonto decided to step up a gear when it came to knowledge management.

Its previous tool enabled all the support teams' knowledge to be referenced in the same place, but without any global visibility.

A major obstacle to the creation of a true governance system for knowledge management!

The main challenges were as follows: 

  • find the right information easily (search bar and knowledge structure) ;
  • quantify documentation;
  • evaluate the quality of available knowledge and its use ;
  • communicate on the various updates ;
  • provide feedback to support continuous improvement. 

Collaboration, Mayday's real strength

Qonto therefore decided to equip itself with a more advanced knowledge base.

When choosing the solution, the company's main criteria were as follows: 

  • Brand DNA aligned with Qonto's, including agility andcontinuous improvement to ensure long-term collaboration
  • Access: easy search and access to knowledge
  • Creation and updating: editing, management and maintenance of content 
  • Performance: data on the knowledge base (consultation rate, knowledge rating, number of contents, search rate, etc.).
  • Communication: integrated feedback/notification system
  • Data security and use (RGPD): authentication system, access management

Mayday and Qonto share a common DNA: the two teams immediately understood that they could collaborate and shape together the KMS (Knowledge Management System) that Qonto needed. In fact, Mayday is proactive in suggesting features and expressing its needs. When requests recur from one customer to the next, Mayday makes sure to integrate them into its roadmap.

Three examples of features requested by Qonto and developed by Mayday: the creation of a task center to manage agent feedback, the creation of content templates, and the creation of a link to a specific content block.

Diane Ndeke, Knowledge Operations Manager, particularly appreciates theintuitive interface and features that enhance team collaboration, such as feedback management and notifications. These were key arguments in their decision!

"For the service to be responsive, the knowledge base needs to be accessible and up to date. That's where Mayday comes in!" says Diane Ndeke, Knowledge Operations Manager at Qonto.

100% of advisors use Mayday exclusively for internal knowledge

The implementation of Mayday was gradual and took 3 months. Today, 100% of our consultants use Mayday exclusively for internal knowledge. 

To ensure effective change management, the teams used the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) methodology: 

  • Planning: taking stock of the situation, establishing the various stages of deployment, the stakeholders involved and the associated successes.
  • Deliver : Test with a sample of users to avoid destabilizing the whole organization.
  • Check : Observe results and adjust objectives.
  • Deploy : Integration of the new system.

A definite impact on advisors' well-being

Qonto employees use numerous tools on a day-to-day basis, so it was the notion of centralization that appealed to the teams.

Being able to gather and redistribute knowledge and communication to our usual tools has considerably improved the experience of our advisors.

This is one of Mayday's strengths: integration with ticketing and CRM tools.

Accessing and consulting available knowledge is therefore much simpler, much to the delight of the Qonto teams! Thanks to the feedback system and the podium of the month's best contributors, advisors are increasingly involved and their contribution is valued.

Employees are also more autonomous and expert in their subjects, and can respond more effectively to customer requests. Qonto is a firm believer in the " right first time " principle.

In the future, more data and artificial intelligence

Qonto's new challenge is to establish a real correlation between the quality of its knowledge base and the productivity of its teams. 

As productivity may be due to other factors, Qonto is looking forward to the development of the Mayday API to cross-reference data and perform more in-depth analyses. 

While Mayday already uses AI for its search engine and content suggestion, Qonto hopes to go even further, notably for content creation and automatic knowledge translation.

To be continued...

Mayday helps customer services optimize their operational excellence by capitalizing on knowledge. If, like Qonto, you want to centralize and manage your business knowledge, ask our teams for an ROI study here.

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