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Fnac Darty improves its NPS by 10% with Mayday

For the 5,000 Fnac Darty employees in call centers, stores, workshops or at home, the tool saves precious time and represents a guarantee of efficiency and additional satisfaction for our customers.

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Mehdi Dahmani
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Fnac Darty
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Fnac Darty: a player in the ecological and social transformation

With a turnover of more than 7 billion euros and a workforce of 25,000 employees, the Fnac Darty group needs no introduction!

Fnac Darty has positioned itself as a committed player in ecological and societal transformation and economic change. With this in mind, the group has set up various concrete actions to contribute to the preservation of the environment.

These include the circular economy, with the collection of 47,000 tons of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), as well as the partnership with the ENVIE network, which enables the refurbishment and resale of second-hand products.

Fnac Darty also intends to limit its carbon footprint by offering more sustainable products and by deploying its "Everyday" strategic plan, which aims to make eco-designed and sustainable technological products accessible to everyone. Indeed, the group is aware that the production of its products is the main contributor to its carbon impact.

Fnac Darty is therefore positioned as a player committed to preserving the environment and transforming the retail sector towards a more responsible and sustainable model.

A reference customer service for French companies

In this environmental perspective, Darty has established itself as the undisputed leader in repairs in France. The company has even created the now mythical "contrat de confiance", which extends the traditional 2-year warranty on household appliances to 15 years.

With more than 2 million products repaired each year, the electronics retail giant has set a goal of repairing 2.5 million products by 2025. And to achieve this ambitious goal, the company is banking on its unique repair model, combined with a successful and exceptional customer experience.

But that's not all. Darty has also revolutionized its approach to customer service by moving from a transactional to a service model. Its Darty Max program, which currently has 500,000 subscribers, aims to provide superior services to its customers while generating value for the company. With an ambition to double this number by 2025, Darty is committed to continuing to innovate and constantly improve the customer experience.

With a team of 5,000 advisors and technicians working in its stores, repair shops, call centers and even at home, the Fnac Darty group can boast one of the most comprehensive customer services on the market.

This is not enough for the electronic distribution giant, which has decided to continue its development by recruiting and training 1,000 additional technicians to strengthen its teams.

This ambitious plan will enable the group to maintain its leadership and continue to offer customer service that meets the expectations of its clients.

In this context, good knowledge management is crucial to ensure a good level of training, technician productivity and ultimately customer satisfaction.

The challenge of a knowledge accumulated over 50 years

With 500,000 documented procedures and 50,000 product sheets, the task of providing efficient access to this knowledge has become increasingly complex over time.

These contents are published in various formats, such as decision trees, images, videos, manufacturer's documents, notices, e-books, etc., for easy reading.

Unfortunately, this plurality penalizes the ease of searching for knowledge as well as the coherence of the messages.

Especially since these documents then evolve into a whole ecosystem of specific tools dedicated to customer relations. To equip in-store advisors, the group has also equipped itself with computers, tablets, smartphones and even a self-access help center. So many devices through which knowledge flows.

With so much knowledge, Fnac Darty faced the challenge of centralizing, structuring and integrating the knowledge into its contact tools to respond to its customers' needs in an efficient and timely manner.

A knowledge base to improve operational performance

Fnac Darty quickly identified the knowledge base as a pillar of its customer loyalty strategy. The group saw four opportunities:

  • Simplify access to knowledge via a centralized knowledge base, harmonized and augmented by AI for immediate resolution in video or in contact with the customer.
  • To improve the operational performance of the after-sales service in terms of both the speed with which requests are processed and the quality of service delivered
  • Increase employee, consultant and technician satisfaction, and ultimately enhance customer satisfaction. This is what we call the symmetry of attention!
  • Accelerate the development of team skills and the sharing of internal knowledge.

If Fnac Darty chose Mayday, it is because the Operations team was seduced by :

Automatic import and centralization of existing knowledge

  • 2 unique formats: articles and interactive decision trees
  • The integration and suggestion of knowledge by artificial intelligence in contact tools
  • The most powerful search engine on the market for searching through an unparalleled volume of knowledge.
Our partnership with Mayday allows us to optimize and simplify the access to the resolution procedures brought to our customers, by centralizing them.
Mehdi Dahmani, Fnac Operations Director

Rapid and controlled deployment for hundreds of thousands of contents

The implementation of the knowledge base took place in three stages.

The first, the bootstrapping phase, lasted 6 months. Fnac Darty began by defining its needs, then chose the knowledge base solution that best suited it.

Mayday's support therefore began in July 2021 with an import of all existing procedures and product sheets, and a structuring of the knowledge base. Mayday was then integrated into Fnac Darty's tools thanks to a customized device.

This second phase lasted 3 months.

Since October 2021, the solution has been deployed to administrators, trainers, supervisors and technicians.More than 5,000 people, including nearly 2,500 employees of the Fnac Darty after-sales service, are now using Mayday on a daily basis!

The migration is considered a success by the service department:

  • Recovery of 100% of the group's historical knowledge
  • Knowledge platformintegrated with all the group'stools and channels
  • All after-sales and liability teams equipped

Mayday's overall impact on customer satisfaction and operational efficiency

Mayday has divided by 8 the time spent searching for knowledge!
Mehdi Dahmani, Director of Operations Fnac

The results obtained are impressive.

First contact resolution, or FTR, increased by 11%, while repair returns decreased by 17%. Search time was reduced by a factor of 8, resulting in a significant decrease in average contact time, or ACT.

Employees are also more engaged: they contribute 50% more than before, notably by sharing their feedback on content. They also expressed a greater comfort in their job.

The impact is also remarkable for customer satisfaction: a 10% improvement in Net Promoter Score, or NPS!

By choosing to implement Mayday, Fnac Darty has succeeded in optimizing its after-sales service while strengthening its commitment to CSR. The solution has reduced the group's carbon footprint by 50%, which is a considerable result.

This successful digital transformation is a testament to Fnac Darty's ability to adapt to new market challenges and Mayday's ability to support historical and pioneering leaders in the challenges of the 2.0 customer experience.

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