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Edenred optimizes the ratio between time spent in production and time spent with customers

Mayday’s decision trees enable less experienced customer reps to easily solve more complex cases.

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Damien Nuyttens
Director of Customer Experience and Operations
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The digitalization of Edenred involves new challenges for customer relations

Edenred is the world leader in employee benefits. Its most emblematic solutions are meal vouchers, mobility solutions, gift vouchers, etc. The specificity of their activity is a tripartite customer service: 

  • Companies, communities, CSEs that buy its products
  • Merchant partners, such as restaurants, FNAC...
  • The beneficiaries of its solutions

Edenred has undergone a major change in recent years with the digitalization of its offer: the company has moved from a paper offer to a digital meal ticket offer and has developed its activities for the CSE. It now has over 2,000,000 cardholders.

This transformation is leading to strong growth in the customer service teams. The size of the team fluctuates according to seasonality between 200 and 300 consultants, divided between internal and external.

This team is faced with the problem of a very rapid increase in workload over short periods of time during the year, with problems of increased versatility, linked to the breadth of the offer.

A need for accelerated training and intermediate usage indicators

As you can imagine, this growth involves training, knowledge and efficiency.

It's complicated for agents to master all the procedures in such a changing environment and with such a wide range of products... especially in the face of a customer who is increasingly demanding speed of response. Advisors therefore need to have a reliable base to refer to when they arrive at the company.

However, it is not easy to control the reliability of this knowledge base.

Before Mayday, Edenred did not have 100% control over the life cycle of its knowledge.

While traditional indicators, such as average resolution time or first contact resolution rate, were well understood, Edenred lacked intermediate indicators on the quality and performance of its knowledge.

The training team emphasized:

  • A lack of traceability: where does the knowledge come from? when was it updated? by whom?
  • Lack of follow-up: how is this knowledge used? is it up to date?

To do this, Edenred needed to centralize its business knowledge in a single solution, which would make it possible to monitor the creation and editing of content, but also to consult usage and performance indicators.

A knowledge accessible by the field and controlled by the head office

"Mayday brings a clear and reliable knowledge to the customer services thanks to a simple administration and a whole series of performance indicators."
Arthur Mimoun, Training & Quality Manager

With the adoption of a knowledge base, Edenred has completely rethought the way it wanted to approach customer knowledge. Whatever the channel, on the web, on an application or through customer service, the user comes into contact with the brand for a reason.

The structuring of Edenred's knowledge base is therefore based on this notion: why does the customer need to call for help from the brand?

That's where Mayday came in. Edenred was thus able to guarantee a unified knowledge for all advisors and to control the knowledge produced.

"It's in Mayday's interest to give advisors time to focus on customers rather than seeking knowledge, so optimize that ratio between time spent in production and time spent useful to the customer."
Damien Nuyttens, Director of Customer Experience and Operations

Advisors evolve in an environment in perpetual movement and work with a large volume of information. Mayday facilitates the access to this knowledge thanks to a structuring of the knowledge in the form ofdecision trees.

The advisor enters the content through the prism of the contact pattern, then follows the procedure step by step, until the right solution is found.

The ambition of Damien Nuyttens, Director of Customer Experience and Operations: that 80% of calls can be handled by a customer advisor who has had no more than five days of training.

It has also had a very positive impact on the duration of initial training for advisors. Before Mayday, it was 13 days of theoretical training. With Mayday, it's down to 8 days, including 5 days of theoretical training and 3 days in production!

Express deployment with an easy-to-use solution

From the import of existing procedures to the launch with call center agents, Mayday was deployed in 2 months at Edenred. Arthur Mimoun emphasizes theergonomic interface and ease of use, which have improved the adoption rate among advisors.

100% of agents have already searched for knowledge on Mayday! And among them, 95% recommend the use of Mayday to newcomers in the customer relations center. Proof that the knowledge base is an important pillar for training.

"Mayday allows us to manage knowledge on a daily basis, and really on a daily basis."
Arthur Mimoun, Training & Quality Manager

To set up Mayday, Edenred's Training & Quality team was accompanied by two Mayday Knowledge Managers. They first organized workshops around the architecture and governance to lay the foundations of the structure.

Then, after having benefited from a face-to-face training, the Edenred teams created their own knowledge base which was audited by the Mayday team before being deployed to the advisors.

Edenred's Training and Quality team and Mayday's Knowledge team continue to work hand in hand to maintain this record adoption rate.

Next step: the public knowledge base?

Convinced that "best service is no service", Edenred's teams are also considering all the solutions that will enable them to meet the growing demand for customer autonomy and reduce the contact ratio. For example, through an enhanced FAQ.

"What we need to do is avoid relatively simple contacts, which have very little value for our advisors as well as for the user, who prefers to find the information in self-service."
Damien Nuyttens, Edenred's Experience and Operations Director

If, like Damien Nuyttens and Arthur Mimoun, you are a customer relations professional and :

  • Your procedures change regularly
  • Are you having trouble tracing knowledge?
  • Your knowledge is scattered

Have you considered adopting a knowledge base?
Book a demo of the solution with our team!

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